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about us

Synergonomy Group Ltd. was founded in 2012, it is a London-based holding company with subsidiaries in Budapest who has the assistance of an international network, provides high-quality, innovative, cost-effective and result-oriented professional support to clients in the following areas:
IT and project management, software and digital content development, marketing communications, management, proposal writing and 3D animation. A majority of the Group’s services are being sold in the international market as well.

The company provides an integrated portfolio of services, carrying out high-level management and business development solutions with experienced leaders and reliable and transparent financial planning so both the investors and users needs are aligned with each other Our successful projects in the past few years are generally characterized by the use of innovative and modern development methodologies, resulting in a product or service that is performed in accordance with the market expectations.

By 2013, the company has completed over 40 projects successfully. Most of them were research and development, information technology or HR management focused, in addition the company has been asked to participate as an expert on numerous external projects. Among the scope of Synergonomy Group’s activities the support of Central and Eastern European Startups is also strong.